Ultrasound imaging platform for NDT

Dolphitech is an ISO9001:2015 certified company that develop advanced ultrasound cameras for 2D and 3D test and inspection of materials. Dolphitech has developed a novel ultrasound transducer design that produces high-resolution images. We utilize an advanced technology developed by a team of experts in ultrasound, analogue and digital electronics.

"Topro Elektronikk is sole electronic- and assembly partner for Dolphitech. Great professional knowledge, solution oriented and flexible management and very practical understanding of customer requirement makes TOPRO Elektronikk one of the best partners in Scandinavia. As a customer we are always sure that we receive reliable production and service from TOPRO and can be rest assure that in case of any problem, they are always there to help and answer!"

- Sarah Mahdavi

COO Dolphitech

Geir Arne Malones

Geir Arne Malones

Adm. Dir.

+47 92666948


Klaus Hamar

Klaus Hamar


+47 41673269


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